Your Mission 305 Dade, List!

(Attention:  Tasks 95 to 99 are mandatory! These tasks must be completed )

1. Get a casuela and take it to the street 305 style. Bang that pot!

Post a video (15 sec max) #mission305dade

Extra Credit: Get a team member to do it with you

2. Buy a candle or small potion at a botanica and bring it to the judges.

3. Pose with a mannequin @ el Mall and take a tremendo selfie. Post and #mission305dade

Extra Credit: Have a team member join you

4 .Get una bata de casa. Take picture wearing bata for judges

Extra Credit: If team leader turns in points wearing la bata

5. Make your way to Miami Lakes and make sure to take una corbata because, you know...Miami Lakes is Hialeah con corbata. Make a Hialeah version of a promotional video for moving to Miami Lakes (1 minute max)

Tag #hialeahvsmiamilakes

6. Have a very Miami fashion shoot and post the best selfie. 

Extra Credit: You do it in Wynwood like a basic comemierda

Even More Credit: You hashtag the graffiti artist you’re pimping on those walls

7. Yo! You got this tiger. Head to Biscayne Bay Bridge OR American Airlines Arena staircases and make that Rocky jogging vid. Post a video (1 minute max) Tag and #mission305dade

8. Chico, go to a bakery and order una croquetica

9. Take a pic of painted palm trees

10. Find chickens on the street and take a pic tag with #mission305dade

11. Take a picture of brujeria on the street

12. Bring abuelo’s underwear OR teeth

13. Head to the Head Shop and buy incense

14. Be a good citizen and return a shopping cart that you find on the street to the grocery store aka un carrito abandonado

Be legit and post a video about how frustrado you are with Miami people (30 sec max) #mission305dade

Extra Credit: If it was a Sedano’s shopping cart

15. Get a chongalicious mani or pedi

Throw up a 305 in the pic

16. Give your barber a surprise visit and record yourself telling them how great they are and tag your barber

17. Take a pic sporting local swag (local artist or local team)

         1 point per item judges can spot in pic

         1 point if additional team member joins

18. Take a picture with a peacock in Coconut Grove

19. Take a picture with a cow in Miami Lakes

20. Take a picture with a flamingo in Hialeah

21. Take a picture with un gallo in Little Havana

22. Buy Cuban bread and part it with a stranger

23. Create a fake petition and convince at least three strangers to sign it (not your friends)

24. Scarface parody vid for the judges (1 min max)

25. Take a quinceanera photo shoot

26. Buy something from the sex shop

         Extra Credit: Gift item to judges

27. Act like a tacky tourist in South Beach and make a video (15 sec max)

28. Any video at Valsan is just points

29. Take a picture of the Hialeah fountain

30. Points for team members posting tbt pics of them with a Miami icon (2 point max)

31. Go fishing with un yoyo

32. Record yourself going into a public place, announcing: “He dicho! Caso cerrado!” and immediately leaving

33. Ride the Metrorail or Metromover

34. Support a local cop and take a picture

35. Take a picture of a fire station or fireman

36. Act like a dog while next to a dog #mission305dade

37. Find a pata sucia

38. Use your blinker and have one team member film you while you make a big deal about it

Tag and #mission305dade (2 points)

39. Find someone horribly parked

40. Take a picture of balsero fashion

41. Find local graffiti and tag the artist (3 points max)

42. Record live music in the 305 (20 sec max)

43. Get a car wash

44. Take a picture of the Freedom Tower

45. Take a picture of the Biltmore

46. Take a picture of the old courthouse

47. Take a picture of the U

48. Take a picture of where la Canastilla Cubana used to be

49. Have a very Miami lunch

50. Take a picture of the Versace Mansion

51. Use a community bike

52. Take a picture by the ocean

53. Donate some food to someone on the street  (2 points)

54. Have a water balloon fight

55. Have a silly string fight

56. Take a broken phone screen from the group to get replaced and make a video about how you are so Miami that it took a scavenger hunt to get you to fix it (30 sec max)

57. Find un pan cubano que está duro como un palo and use it as a baseball bat

58. Bring someone’s old bra

59. Get your knives sharpened con un afilador

60. Eat from a street car

61. Buy something from the viandero

62. Make a funny personal injury attorney video (30 sec max) Tag and #mission305dade

63. Do a Walter Mercado sketch (45 sec max) Tag and #mission305dade

64. Team member gets a consulta

65. Do a Pitbull parody video (1 min max)

66. Buy merch at The Tank Brewery Co. afterparty

67. Go to a liquor store and ask if they have Voli305Vodka and document whether they had it or not

68. Give a team member a chancletazo in public

69. Make a scientific video about the aerodynamics of a chancleta (45 sec max)

70. Take a picture of Bird Bowl

71. Take a picture of Flanigan’s in Hialeah

72. Take a picture of Flanigan’s in Coconut Grove

73. Take a picture of any place that does evios a Cuba

74. Instastory a stroll in the park with appropriate music (15 sec max)

         Extra Credit: Team members skip together holding hands

75. Record a team member eating a whole pan cubano

76. Take the best pic of Sedano’s produce for the judges

77. Make a vid of your team dancing to your favorite Gloria Estefan song from the Mi Tierra album

78. Get your car windows tinted

79. Make a lip synch vid to Celia Cruz. Azucar! (30 sec max)

80. Take a picture with an epic Miami sign

81. Instastory your summary of the day at 3:05 PM

82. Take a picture of all your team member’s shoes for the judges

83. Take a picture of a team member’s high school for the judges

84. Take a pic of the team member that is the most chismoso and have them hold up a sign saying, “Soy Chismoso!” or “Soy Chismosa!” #mission305dade 

85. Take a picture of a tour bus

86. Take a pic in front of a strip club

87. Be a member (of the strip joint)

88. Become a member (of the strip joint)

89. Chusmeria promotional video (30 sec max)

90. Take a picture of the new Domino art installation at Metrorail University Station

91. Take a picture of Mr. 305 featured in artwork

92. Take a picture of a un azabache

93. Make a boomerang of you stuck behind the train

94. Instastory and lip synch to any Vibe 92.7 song (15 sec max) @vibe927miami #mission305dade




95. At the Voli cigar lounge in The Tank Brewery Co. and take a pic of Plasencia Cigars @plasenciacigars

96. Visit one of the three following la Carreta locations.

Purchase un cafecito, find the “Santiago” rooster statue and take a picture with him and your cafe.

Post the pic on your wall and tag @lacarretacuban



         Bird Road

         8th Street

         Kendall and 107th


97. Visit one of these 3 Sedano’s listed, locate signs promoting their online ordering.

Take a pic of online ordering and post to wall and tag @sedanossupermarket



87 Ave & Bird Rd

Miller & 146 Ave

137 Ave & 152 St


98. Visit Miami Regional Campus and find Fernando in Admissions on the 1st Floor Suite 100

         Take a picture with Fernando and post on wall @miamiregionalcollege located at 700 South Royal Poinciana Blvd, Miami Springs, FL 33166

99. Find the Super Bowl Trophy at iLov305 restaurant #LIVEITMIAMI @miamsbliv @ilov305official at 1060 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

100. Check-in at The Tank Brewing Co. & start to party!